Why I Don't Support Your Hoo-Rah-Rah's. | Virginia Wedding Photographer, Sarah Houston Photography


Someone asked me recently if I was part of such & such group. {insert generic name}. I kindly replied that I wasn't, wellllll they then looked at me like I had two heads and they were going to catch my non supportive disease. Hold up...let me explain WHY and maybe you'll still come near me, at least with a medical mask on. 

Once up a time I joined every community building group there was. I cheered, I displayed their badges, I paid for their workshops, gatherings & conferences...I even bought their merchandise (including an adorable bumper sticker!) but then the pretty started to wear off, true colors started to show with group members and spending money to propel these groups forward just wasn't helping MY business move forward.  

Before you get out your pitch fork or call me out as a non conformist-let me say: these groups are great, they are TRYING to build community which I fully support-obviously-as everyone who knows me KNOWS I help anyone & everyone. I just found that these hoo-rah-rah groups...aren't what I need. I have my close knit support groups and I connect personally with photographers who are like minded on my own:)

If you are apart of the groups, that's great! Wear that cute #bosslady shirt like it's nobody's business! I just found that I could connect, relate and thrive better in a more smaller, more connected group.  

So when asked if I'll be attending such & such or if I'm a co-chairmen for some event for hoo-rah-rah...Ill politely decline and let's just leave it that, please don't call me a communist. 



P.S- I have PERSONALLY found that smaller more intimate gatherings, workshops had a more profound impact on attendee's AND myself personally. This post is a PERSONAL post on my choice and opinion:) it's in no means to undercut or to put down anyone or any group:)