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".....You have come so much farther than you're giving yourself credit for and you have a habit of being way too hard on yourself. You don't even realize the light that you are for other people and you might not ever know just how many hearts you've already helped stitch up." -Mary Marantz

Mary wrote this amazing blog post...and it contained everything I needed to hear. I literally sat there reading it with tears in my eyes. THAT'S the kind of thing I want to reach-out and literally change another photographer's life. It's a hard industry, even harder if you don't have much self-esteem (or none at all!!) it's easy to look at other's and compare....human nature y'all. Then that harmless comparing turns into self-depreciation. It's a spiraling swirl of destruction. That awesome button on social media can help you recover-the "unfollow"-it can save you until you are confident enough in yourself! 

IT'S OK. I've written a few blog posts on this because after five years I still struggle with it..building self confidence from ground zero takes time....& patient. I've learned that I need to be kinder and more patient with myself-after all Rome Wasn't Built In A Day y'all. So give yourself time, surround yourself with friends who are uplifting and join networking groups that are positive! (like the Pursuit 31 Community!!) It's hard to embrace yourself and realize your amazing too...but you TRULY are! God created us all + He also doesn't make mistakes. Each one of us was blessed with a talent he chose for us....isn't that wonderful?! God CHOSE our talent and made us all different. For me realizing + embracing this fact has really begun to help me & boost my confidence. 

So in light of ALL of this...I want to offer something special to my lovely community of photographers. What better way to feel confident then some pretty new headshots! SO I am going to give away a Headshot Session!!  Here's how you can win:

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That's it y'all! I can't wait to gift this to one lucky winner on 4/30/15!