Walden Hall Review | Virginia Wedding Photographer | Sarah Houston Photography

                                                                            Image courtesy of Google Images.

                                                                            Image courtesy of Google Images.

I had the pleasure of attending the open house for Walden Hall, a new wedding venue located in Reva, Va. 

I really didn't know what to expect, we've had numerous new wedding venues pop up in the area, each having something similar in mind. When I pulled up the long driveway the gorgeous house greeted me with a lovely view. There's a pond in front that just creates this sense of relaxation-inviting you in for a quiet get-away or an intimate wedding. 

The house is very spacious inside, boasting five bedrooms (four inside the home & one located in the pool house!) each having their own private bath! They are tastefully decorated and ready to be photographed on your wedding day! I honestly asked if they had consulted a photographer when designing the house as it's neutral walls and lovely accents are a photographer's dream!

There's a nice barn that can hold up to 200 guests and it's really lovely, a blank canvas! I can see a million different styles occupying this barn and a million memories to be made. The Innkeepers and the owners are so so sweet. They are welcoming and so hospitable, I wasn't even a bride and I left wanting to book the whole house!

Walden Hall  is definitely a wedding venue worth checking out, if you want that classic country side view with the feel of a high end city feel inside...this.is.your.place. You won't regret it and neither will your wedding guests!