It's been a long time comin' | Personal Post | Sarah Houston Photography

This blog post is going to pretty much be the hardest one I've written. It's also going to be the most honest. 

Without giving to much away into my past I'll give a little snippet. It was crazy. When I was 18 I fell "in love" with someone I thought was the one...3 years later and three broken noses...I'm thankful to still be alive. Whoa. Yeah it It caused rifts in my life-rifts that still exist and sadly have defined me. I have NO confidence & my self esteem is on empty. I wish I could say that I'm a better person because of it, but having no self esteem and battling depression because I let someone tear me down to nothing is not really a "defining" moment. I don't have tough skin, everything gets to me, I doubt everything and my relationships now suffer drastically from it. 

I was abused. Mentally + Physically...&& it killed the girl I use to be. 

It's been tough, it's been ugly...but you know what? I forgive him. Yes...I forgive him for taking away the light I once had.  

It's been 6yrs since then....I've gotten better, but the confidence, the self esteem is taking forever to get back. I'm super awesome building others up but never good at listening to my advice. 

Thankfully I had the opportunity to share this story at an amazing retreat by Ashton Kelley Photography. Sharing my story, how it affected me and then having other women come to me & share theirs helped me to heal and finally be free of the burden I had been holding into all these years. I felt free....

So there it is, raw & real. It's just a snippet but it honestly speaks so much.

If you or someone you know is in a unhealthy relationship PLEASE reach out to someone. You are NOT ALONE. You are worth so much more<3


**just to's not my Husband! This was an ex-boyfriend 6 years ago. PLEASE please reach out to your local safe house-they CAN HELP you!!