connection, connection what's your connection? | Charlottesville virginia wedding photographer sarah houston photography

Let's talk about connection. No not in some after school special kind of way with School House Rock....I mean connection with your wedding photographer. THE MOST important connection you need on your wedding day (besides your husband-to-be!). I always stress to couples how important this detail is- I mean think about it, your wedding photographer is the person you see the most on your wedding day, your literally spending your entire day (for the most part) with this person-so you'd better like them or those 8 hours at your wedding can be....awkward. 

Do your research. Go ahead Google me, Google them! Heck-add us on Facebook! For me I tell my couples that I WANT us to be friends, we go to dinner, have Harry Potter Trivia nights, go catch a movie together-these things lead to a deeper connection that creates AMAZING portrait results. Think about it: if you are comfortable and KNOW the person spending 8 hours with you behind a camera, your more likely to relax, open up and be yourselves. Thus creating naturally beautiful portraits.

Ask for a full gallery! I gladly offer access to two galleries via my website for brides to take a full look at a complete wedding, nothing to hide:) If you are making that investment you need to know exactly what you are getting-be happy with the results and comfortable in knowing that photographer can produce what you'd like!

For me-having my couples trust me is the KEY to having a great connection with them. I make sure I respect their wishes, answer them promptly and keep them informed at all times. When I am asking them to do something and it sounds a little crazy, I ask them to trust me-the results will be well worth it. Then I SHOW them the back of my camera so they can SEE the results of what I was asking of them! That little gesture makes them trust me and the rest of the shoot goes perfectly! 

Meeting with each of my couples is a must, whether it is in person or over skype/Facetime I am able to build a connection with them. If we don't have that connection during the initial meeting then I will politely refer them to another photographer who I think will better connect with them! Obviously if they are huge Harry Potter fans & lovers of tacos...we are a match made in heaven! 

So to sum it all up connection is key and leads to genuine portraits, it's a way to love and serve on your couples and create more then just a "snap & go" relationship. Having a connection also helps pave the path towards booking your ideal brides or creating your "tribe" start cultivating those connections today!