Getting Ready, the nitty gritty | Charlottesville Virginia Wedding + Portrait Photographer | Faeth Photography


So it's the big day and the last thing your thinking about is where is the best light that will make my getting ready portraits spectacular....yeah I know, unless your a photographer your not thinking about this. Your thinking more along the lines of- I hope the planner doesn't put uncle Bob next to aunt Alice because they hate each other. Well that's where I step in with this wonderful little post. I always try to guide my brides into choosing a really nicely lit room without clutter. Who wants dimly lit portraits with stuff strewn everywhere? So when your venue shopping keep this in mind, Check out the place that you and your groom will be getting ready before the ceremony. Is it full of lovely natural light or do you need to turn on tons of lights. Does it have a lot of space to move around? Photographers LOVE to be able to move without crushing someone. Is there a lot going on...i.e tons of "stuff" in the room like bookshelves or flow charts...yes, flow charts. Envision your portraits and if you can see really great portraits in that spot then go for it! Just remember the more light the better ;)