Hairspray is flammable....| Wedding Wisdoms | Charlottesville Virginia Wedding Photographer Sarah Houston Photography


You may be thinking to yourself..."What an interesting blog post title..." or you're just mildly curious as to what I am going to write about Hairspray. If you hadn't noticed I've been writing posts about learning experiences I've had throughout my 2015 wedding season. Well here is another lesson learned and some tips to prevent it from happening again!

Sparkler exits have always been a popular option to send off the newly weds. I've done my fair share of them and they are pretty...but if done incorrectly, well it's not a pretty outcome. I always like to educate the guests BEFORE we light the sparklers and have the couple walk through them. After all....the bride has a helmet of hairspray on her head and that mixed with sparks flying-it's a recipe for disaster.

Having your guests line up on both side is great, spacing themselves to allow a little wiggle room helps. Guests that are a little too "happy" or intoxicated I should blantly say-should STAY AWAY from the sparkler exit, it's safer when they do not partake in the activity as they usually get burned or burn someone else. (True story, a guest had his coat set on fire!!)

DO NOT have double rows. This is not a safe move because the sparks could catch the person in front of them on fire...

Hold the sparklers HIGH in the air, I've been burned because guests were waving them around or not holding them high enough, I've had a sweater burned's not cool. Plus the bride and groom will be walking through and need to make it safely through the line. Again...hairspray is highly flammable!

Use the sparklers to light other sparklers, it makes the process much faster.

The longest ones are the best ones and NEVER light them all at once in your hand...

We all want the couple to have pretty photos of this neat send-off and no one wants to get's very painful. So please please pay attention and LISTEN to the photographer and planner when they tell you what to do, we aren't doing it to be mean!