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He Knows My Name

There's this amazing Christian song by Francesca Battistelli called "He Knows My Name". As soon as I heard this song it was downloaded on my iPhone and I play it over and over again. Especially days that I'm feeling super down on myself. In the creative industry we are all clamoring to become something, someone, somebody....anything really. We are all pushing ourselves to be perfect in some way, striving to make our name known and be in the top of the industry with all the other "leaders". I was trying that...I was trying to "be someone" and I was working myself to death networking, connecting and trying to make friends with people who sadly didn't TRULY benefit me spiritually. Somewhere in all the fuss and the trying, I lost sight of what really, really matters....God knows who I am. He knows my name and it doesn't need to be in lights or on some fancy billboard. He blessed me with this talent, he blesses me with the couples I adore so so much and God provides the income that comes with each wedding I book-because HE makes it possible. 

Here I was stretching myself thin, working so so hard when all I really needed to do-was stop and pray. 

Yeah having followers on instagram is awesome and yes the fans on facebook is pretty cool...but it all of it doesn't mean anything if I'm not glorifying and giving thanks to the one who made all of this possible. Why I am trying to become someone...when I'm already famous in God's eyes. That is one of the verses in the song and man is it powerful. 

So now I have a new mindset- the mindset of "if it's God's will, it will happen". If I am meant to become something in the industry, he will make the way-he will open the doors to make it all possible. If not...well that's ok! If you haven't heard the song I highly recommend listening to it;)

It's not about being famous, it's about loving on others the way that God loves us & remember he knows your name-isn't that enough?