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HUGE thank you to Calligraphy by Kalika!!  

HUGE thank you to Calligraphy by Kalika!!  

My husband and I will be married for 6 years this month. We haven't had the most "perfect" marriage (really no one does), we had a rough start & the first proposal wasn't really a fairytale to say the least. Jonathan and I actually separated for a bit, we had problems in our marriage and we just couldn't seem to get them worked out-together. Without divulging into my personal life completely, I let my business and what I thought was my life, take over and he was simply forgotten. Through prayers and finally working through the tough communication stuff our marriage is stronger than ever now. 

So when my dear friend Christina texted me to say that Jon and I were invited to a Chef's table at a local restaurant I was pretty darn excited. The day came and I met her early to walk around and look at some shops, I found it a little odd that she was acting kind of strange...constantly checking her phone and avoiding having drinks at the restaurant we were supposed to meet our husbands at. Finally she told me that she needed to sign a contract with It's About Thyme for a couple who were going to be staying there for their wedding, as we went into the back door of the Inn (which again was very very strange) I started to get an uneasy feeling. I wasn't quite sure if I was going to be murdered or what at this point...

As we went upstairs to where the rooms were she kept searching for something....well someone she said. The Innkeeper who really wasn't there.

She stopped outside one of the rooms where music was playing, at this point I had the feeling I wasn't supposed to be there and panicked. I told her to not open the door that someone was in there, of course she swings open the door and that's when I lost it! I saw balloons and "La Vie En Rose" was playing over the speakers. I literally had the panic attack of the century because I knew that this was for me...my husband had finally done it, he finally had surprised me like he always wanted too.

On each balloon Jon had written something he loves about me, each one made me laugh or cry more...then tucked away on the balcony he waited with pink roses and the last thing he loved about me, That I never give up. There on the balcony with my two sweet friends as witness (& The best photographer ever-Nicole) my husband asked me to marry him...again. 

The lovely vintage inspired ring, the gorgeous monogrammed pink Mrs. Box and all the incredible details (including the film rolls with our names in calligraphy!) were simply perfection (thanks to the help of my dear friends Quaid & Christina with Bella Giornata Events!) It was such a dream come true!! You see 6 years ago Jon was going to ask me at this same restaurant, but I was having a terrible day...I had been working at the bank and it was just so so stressful that he felt it wasn't the right time, so later that night when I was crying in our bed....he asked me to marry him in hopes of cheering me up. Not very romantic when you have puffy eyes, a huge t-shirt on and snot running down your nose! Our marriage wasn't easy either those 5 years...and this came at just the right time. It's a symbol of our marriage being re-born. 

I cannot wait to share the photos that Nicole Colwell took for us (film takes a bit longer!) but a few of you wanted to hear about it! 

& if you are a creative....

Please remember your spouse or partner, they love you so much and are your biggest fans! for so long I pushed my husband aside and after waiting for years he finally had enough. Don't loose your marriage, cherish it. It's such a sweet gift and we get so lost in creating these memories for other couples that we forget to create our own. Love them. Let them know they are loved. Be their biggest fans too....Because marriage IS worth fighting for.