Identity Crisis. | Charlottesville Virginia Wedding Photographer Sarah Houston Photography


I'll be the first to admit it, I got sucked into the mainstream scene and I started following all the big time photographers religiously. It was addicting! I would spend hours on social media, buy their e-books, their workshops, their mentoring sessions and PRAY I could be just like them...because after all they were successful, loved and their work was phenomenal! I edited like they did because I thought that was the right way, right???

Sadly I lost myself, my voice and my editing was all over the place. I was confused...I was lost. Have you been there, or are you there right now? Let me tell you how I saved my sanity.... 

I have unfollowed ALL of the photographers I obsessed over.  

It took time and it sounds harsh, but it really helped me tremendously & you know what?? I finally found who I am and my voice. I don't edit like "so & so" I'm not getting caught up in the "what's everyone else doing" & I've stopped buying every single thing that's out there for education. I only make meaningful education decisions, I only make friends with those who are like minded as well. I've gotten back to reason WHY I started this to begin with...for my couples.

Im not striving for popularity or becoming the next face of some conference (unless it's beneficial to others), I'm focusing only on myself, growing my business and loving the heck out of my sweet couples. Once you stop focusing on the likes, the shares, the top'll find the true meaning of why you do it too. 

Limit your social media, post what you need to post and turn it off. Find a support group who truly supports you and believes the same belief...that this is for the memories, not for the fame. 

I challenge you to find who you are, let go of the person you WISH you could be & just be YOU.