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Photo Cred: Pinterest

Photo Cred: Pinterest

I thought I'd have all the time in world when I went full time. Yet here I am struggling to keep up with blogging, editing and trying to complete everything I committed to. Then I realized...I had overcommitted because I THOUGHT I had more time then I actually did. 

I got lost in the "hustle" and if I wasn't saying "yes" to it all then I'd be wishing I had-right? Actually it was the opposite, I wish I had said "no" more so I could have time to do the things I needed to do. I hate scrambling through homework time with my daughter, packing her lunch at 11:00pm at night and finally passing out next to her at 2:00am from an all night edit fest.  

You don't see the unglamorous side of the business, the up all nights, the worrying if you get it right, the strain on your personal life because you can never truly balance it all correctly (& if you do, rock on!) y'all I literally went a week without putting "real" clothes on...I wore the same leggings and t-shirt because I felt sorry for myself, what.the.heck.  

We need to stop overcommitting, stop hustling so hard we forget to live, stop comparing & find ourselves again. I don't remember the last time I shot something for the fun of it, heck I can't even remember if I ate dinner last night. The fear of failing, disappointing or just saying "no" is enough to drive us crazy. 

Its a tough career, I love it-but it's hard. When I'm really feeling low I remember: Just.Keep.Swimming.  (even though I can't swim) remember what is you love about photography, remember the "why" and keep pushing through. We've got this;)