Saying goodbye to perfection | Charlottesville Virginia Wedding Photographer Sarah Houston Photography

📷: Bethanne Arthur  

📷: Bethanne Arthur  

I've always strived to be perfect, throughout my school years and even continuing on in my adult life. It's been a hard battle, trying to be this person that I thought I needed to be because the fear of letting someone down terrified me.  

I had a wake up call a few weeks ago when a fellow creative wrote to me after meeting me in person finally. She said that I had been a disappointment, that I wasn't who she envisioned me to be. Now before you all say "How could she?!" She then went on to say this: She was actually relieved to know I wasn't some magical unicorn...that I was just as human as she was, so that disappointment-actually was only because she built up this super hero in her head that didn't exist. Whoa.

I think we've all been there, we look up to someone and think "Gee they really have their crap together" when in reality they just LOOK like they do. I think if we were all just a bit more honest with one another these disappointments when you finally do see the REAL person-won't be so hard! 

This year I've made the choice to STOP striving for perfection, because it doesn't exist and if it comes at a hefty price. You loose out on life, love falls apart and reality just seems to slip away...for me loosing my family isn't worth having a perfect life. I've chosen my imperfecltly perfect life, with my daughter whose face is always dirty & her hair that goes wild and untamed (just like her!) . I choose my sweet husband who refuses to pick up his dirty clothes off the floor but loves me so fierce I can barely breathe. I choose my family. Not the perfectly styled shoots for publications (which are nice) or constantly running my business with no breaks for my real life....I choose to be real, to live AND to have a successful business. 

So if your running yourself ragged trying and striving for a perfection that you THINK is the only way to be a success (because that's all you see) stop. Please. Go play with your child who wants so badly just to have your attention, go on a date night with your partner, call your mom and tell her you love in your life too. You can run a successful business and still call your momma everyday-I do.