That time I was the Jerk | Charlottesville Virginia Wedding Photographer Sarah Houston Photography


It's human nature...we all love to share and show the world accomplishments or things we've gotten. I am completely guilty of this. When I get a feature on a blog I shout it from the rooftops, when I get something new I show it off...I don't really think about how it will affect others.

Just recently I posted about making a really amazing bridal blog, I was literally SO excited I cried and called everyone I could think of. I posted it on social media and even made it my cover photo...what I didn't think about was how it made others feel around me who haven't had the honor of making that blog, who would give anything to just have their FIRST publication, somewhere, anywhere. I know that feeling because I once was there too, I'd see someone post that they were featured somewhere and I'd instantly feel like crap about myself-Why wasn't I being featured too??

I'll let you in on a little took me 3 years to finally start getting featured. I worked really hard and learned as much as I could, then I'd STUDY the blogs that I liked to see what they wanted-because if you provide exactly what they are looking for-there's a good chance that they will pick it up;) I'm not guaranteeing that this works, but obviously if you sent a preppy/nautical themed wedding to Off Beat Bride...chances are they are NOT going to feature it, You'd have a much better chance with Tidewater & Tulle!

If you are looking into being featured:

  • Look at who you are submitting to, does this shoot fit their blog?
  • Did you provide plenty of variety in shots? details, portraits and did it tell a story?
  • Did you list all the vendors and their proper credits (links to website etc)?
  • Did you include a blurb or short story behind the submission? Weddings-tell about their day/details-quotes from the couple is always nice. If it's a styled shoot-what was the inspiration?
  • Don't forget your local blogs...local brings the most referrals.

I know that we all want to be loved and featured, but sometimes it doesn't always happen on the first go-round. Don't take it personally. If they leave notes as to why they didn't accept it-read them and implement them! Then you need to pick yourself up and try again. There is a blog for you out there! Just because you don't get some big name blog, doesn't mean you are not a good photographer...there are so many factors that go into submissions. 

I just wanted to give a little insight and also say that I am never trying to be boastful or trying to make anyone feel inadequate. I am cheering for all of you and I know that you are amazing-regardless of what badges you have or don't have. 

Let's all celebrate one another's successes!