The Driving Force...better known as "The reasoning" | Personal Post | Sarah Houston Photography


It all started with me asking about my Grandparents wedding photographs, I wanted to see them in silver frames smiling and happily married....except there wasn't any. There were no photographs of either of my Grandparents young and happily married. Nothing that I could hold unto and pass down to my memories. Those moments have long passed, faded with time and now my Grandparents are gone. What was the day like? How did she look at him when they smiled for the camera? I'll never know. It's so disheartening. Flash forward to my own wedding 6 years ago this fall....I have NO photographs of my own. Guess the apple doesn't fall too far from the tree huh? It wasn't a fancy wedding...but I have nothing to give to my daughter as a testament to where it all great grandparents smiling, happily in love with silver frames, no Mom and Dad in a wedding album. Nothing. 

So that's why I decided to preserve those moments.

It all starts with love.

The first date, to the second, third and so on until boom-you're engaged. Documenting the whole process, the whole journey to your new chapter as Husband + Wife is super important! You can pass down those tangible moments to your children and grandchildren helping to preserve those moments and show that it all started with love. Two people-taking that leap-together.

It all passes by so quickly from the first kiss as a couple to the first kiss as Mr. + Mrs.  and I step in to stop those moments, to keep them from passing by. Granted I can't be there from the start (how weird would that be?!) but from the Engagement (the beginning of your chapter together) to the Wedding (the second chapter) I am there to preserve those moments. Those quiet intimate romantic moments, when he nuzzles into your neck and makes you laugh...or when you look at him and give the smile that only "he gets". Those are the moments, those are the memories where love begins and never ends.

So when your taking the steps to plan your wedding day please remember how important photographs are. Those are the only things you'll have to remember those moments. Quality is important. Those classic, clean photographs outlast the memory and preserve the day-as it was. This is a HUGE decision and can be overwhelming...I wrote this post to help!

Preserve your day. Keep those memories and pass them down, your children and grandchildren will thank you!!