When life gives you a reminder....| Personal Post | Charlottesville Virginia Wedding Photographer Sarah Houston Photography


There's always something that prompts a personal blog post, whether it be a situation or a thought that crosses my mind. This time it happened to be an incident, one of those lifetime movie types that make you REALLY think about your life...

Tuesday morning I woke up with an insane stabbing pain in my abdomen and lower back. I had to take my daughter to school, so I pushed through and drove her, on the way back I ended up getting sick in the car and had to pull over...the pain was becoming so unbearable at this point I started to panic. I made it home dizzy and feeling like I was going to black out, I stumbled into the bedroom where my husband was sleeping and started crying. He woke up and tried to help me lay down...all the while I want my mom, I'm 29 y'all...but my Momma makes everything better! at this point it literally feels like I am in labor, except I am in no way pregnant, Jon gets my mom and together they beg that I go to the emergency room.

The emergency is the.last.place. I want to ever be. I have a really bad phobia of them, doctors, needles...blood. *Shivers* So this was literally becoming the worse nightmare. I honestly can tell you though, the pain was soooooo bad I didn't even care about those things (at the time). They checked me in quickly (I do apologize for the screaming and crying....I looked like a mad woman). Then that is when all the fun really started, tests and poking and prodding. I hated every moment of it. The last one was an ultrasound to see if it was something to do with my ovaries. My grandmother had passed away because of Cancer, so all I could think of was Ovarian Cancer.

As I laid there on that bed, I thought of my daughter. I prayed that I could continue to hold her, hug her, paint her nails and teach her about boys. I wanted to watch her grow up and become a beautiful lady, I wanted to see her graduate and get married....I prayed for more days, more time. I had spent so much of my time behind a computer, behind a camera, running here, running there...and not enough time creating memories with her. I watched my husband as he silently panicked (he hates hospitals just as much as me) I thought of all the moments I wasted and didn't spend on loving him, appreciating him...was this it? would I be counting the days because Cancer was going to take the rest away?

It seemed like HOURS (well two to be exact) had passed before the doctor reappeared. I held my breath. He gave me the greatest news (well for me anyway) not cancer, just Ovarian Cysts. I instantly sighed and felt like a weight was lifted. I can't even begin to imagine the feeling of those who don't receive the news they want...

That day was one of those eye opening days that I will hold unto, remember that I need to cherish the moments and not let them pass me by. Close calls do that you know...How many of us are just going through the motions and not really cherishing them? We really need to have those wake up calls every once in a while to be reminded that life is short, that it's a gift and you really need to make the moments last before they are gone. Hug your little ones tighter, read them one more story, Love your husband so fierce that you can't breathe...

I pray that it never comes down to counting the minutes, or days....but I know that from now on I need to live my life & not let it pass me by.