Epic Fan Girl Status! | Personal Post | Charlottesville Virginia Wedding + Portrait Photographer | Faeth Photography

Yes total fan girl status over here...had to do the Katelyn James "leg pop"

I had the absolute pleasure of meeting two amazing couples that I adore in the photography industry. The first *squeal of excitement* is Amy + Jordan Demos of Amy & Jordan Photography. Amy was so super sweet and all smiles when I approached her. They are both so talented and it was just an amazing experience to finally meet them in person as I follow their work regularly. The second couple would be none other than Katelyn James Alsop + Michael Alsop of Katelyn James Photography. Katelyn and Michael are both sweet and very personable. They made me feel as if they have known me forever! Katelyn's business advice was the BEST advice I've heard and I've been to multiple workshops! Their love for Christ is just so powerful and really helps you connect with them-as I share the same belief! It was the best decision I ever made, attending that meeting has already changed my business outlook and my outlook on my client's experience with me. Not going to lie, there were times when Katelyn was speaking about client experiences with her that I teared up, lord knows I wanted to bawl like a baby and hug her...but I refrained and stayed in my little plastic seat. I honestly hope that I can attend one of her workshops or mentor with her soon as she is such an inspiring and amazing mentor!! So here I go...re-branding, re-inventing my outlook. I love my clients and now it's time to give back to them. Here comes the love y'all!