You said how much!? | Charlottesville Virginia Wedding + Portrait Photographer | Faeth Photography


I've had a lot of wonderful brides contact me for the 2015 wedding season. Each one I've answered and sent along my pricing....each one have been a bit shocked on the pricing. I'd love to be able to shoot everyone's day, to share in creating those gorgeous memories, but I unfortunately cannot fit into everyone's budget.

I wanted to explain why my pricing is the way it is...I know that it won't change anyone's budget but at least everyone will see my reasoning!

Gas. My little Ford Escape needs fuel to make it to my destination, my packages INCLUDE this, the only thing not included is a hotel stay if it's out of state! I usually just drive home if it's less than 4 hours. 

My Second Shooter (except on the smallest package). I have a second shooter factored into all three of my wedding packages (except my smallest) the cost of having them shoot with me is INCLUDED. That's TWO photographers!!

Snacks, Lunch & Drinks. Yes my second shooter and I need snacks to keep going and I also like to cover their lunch expense. We also need to stay hydrated with Waters & Gatorade to keep going.

Time away from my Family. Don't get me wrong I LOVE what I do, getting to spend the day sharing in such intimate special moments & capturing them is what I LIVE for, but I'm also leaving my little girl with her dad or my in-laws overnight. Then I'm coming home and editing hundreds of pictures.

Equipment. I don't need to buy some insane zoom lens that I'm not going to use unless I'm shooting a wedding & my weddings are usually one per month (most of the time). I also don't need two the gear I don't need 24/7 I rent for the weddings. So my gear is included in the price as well.

Engagement + Bridals. These are included in most of packages. Alone these sessions are $300 each. 

Album. I include an album in my top package just to say thank you! so not only do you get 8-10 hours, Engagements + Bridals you also get a Leather or Linen Album!!

I include little surprises for my couples as well...

So once you factor all of that in and include taxes I have to pay....

it reeeeeallllly takes a big chunk. 

I have decided to stay with my 2014 pricing for now as I felt that the 2015 pricing guide I chose would make me miss out on some really wonderful brides and friendships I would truly regret not creating. 

There's the reasoning behind my pricing. I feel that all the love, hard work + talent I pour into each wedding is well worth it & I truly hope that each one of you can see that as well <3