Pursuit 31 Fredericksburg Meetup | Personal post | Charlottesville Virginia wedding + portrait photographer | Faeth Photography

So I had one of those amazing-awe inspiring moments, the one that is not only clarifying but changes you to the core. I attended my local pursuit 31 meetup yesterday evening-a lovely group of like minded Christian photographers-we met in Hope Taylor's senior styling studio in downtown Fredericksburg, it was cozy, inviting and super cute! We all sat cross legged on the floor and discussed our goals both personal and business, in those moments God moved through us all...I even cried as well! It was such an amazing moment, we weren't just strangers in a room anymore-we were all friends-sharing moments-making lasting impressions. Granted I hope my impression wasn't "the girl who ugly cried at the fist meeting" but I felt compelled to share my struggle and my goal to overcome it. To know that there were other women in that room sharing a similar situation was comforting. It was like talking to your best friend. It's such an amazing feeling being a part of something so wonderful, God bringing us all together and working in our lives to lead us on the path he's chosen for each of us. To be able to intertwine and share in those moments, to see God move through each of our lives is going to be a really amazing experience and I am so blessed to be a part of this. God led me to this wonderful group of ladies and I am so thankful he did. I cannot wait for the next meeting and to meet even more wonderful new friends!