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Today I wanted to write a blog post about "the dress" and how choosing the right one can make a HUGE difference for your portraits!

Wedding dress shopping can be overwhelming...and expensive. Finding "the one" can be fun and if you know where to find the deals- it definitely makes getting your dream dress even easier! Church Street Bridal has amazing gowns donated from multiple boutiques including Kleinfield!  Another great option is Borrowing Magnolia, here you can RENT those designer gowns for your day-they have everything from Lazaro to Vera Wang! Getting that dress that makes you feel amazing insure's that you'll feel comfortable and gorgeous on your wedding day, which leads to beautiful , confident portraits! Picking the right gown also helps make the dress shot a killer one! Don't feel like you have to settle on something that's "budget" friendly, there are plenty of savvy ways to get that designer gown at a thrifty price! Also FYI some Goodwill stores carry those awesome gowns at an even more awesome price ;) Also try: they have a really awesome selection at all different price ranges!

Tips when looking for the dream dress you may not think of!

Pockets: I love, love, love wedding dresses with the discrete pockets! You can put your lip-gloss or tissues in there! plus it looks super cute in portraits!

Comfortable + Fits right: No one likes a dress that's pretty but hurts like the dickens! plus you don't want to spend the whole day (& in your portraits) pulling up your dress because it keeps slipping down, that can get pretty annoying for you...also isn't the most flattering portrait.

Less is best: Sequins are great- I love bling! but added ostrich feathers and other over the top things  can be a bit too distracting, Less is sometimes best-classic, clean & timeless y'all...take it from us southern belle's we can rock the heck outta those lace frocks!

Veils, trains, tiara's-oh my! This is really "dress" related BUT there are SO many options now which is so awesome! you can opt for a traditional veil or go with a flower crown...whatever you choose it speaks who YOU are! So if you want to have that pink dyed veil but Aunt Martha say's it's ugly...go for it girl, it's your day and your gonna look fabulous in that pink veil!

& while I'm on the subject of accessories...BE BOLD with those shoes girls! You've got a blank canvas as your gown...this isn't your Momma's generation y'all, add some Red Shoes or maybe some cute gold flats...whatever best describes your style and is comfortable for the 8-10 hour day you have ahead! You can buy the "portrait shoes" and the "party shoes"!

Your day can be exactly how you want it, no matter what budget you have! So don't settle on the next best thing when you can have the best at an awesome price!

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