Lesson's Learned | Virginia Wedding Photographer | Sarah Houston Photography


So now that the whirlwind is over and I can *finally* breathe a sigh of relief...I want to reflect back on my FIRST #southerngrace #faethworkshop.  Let me just say....y'all who do workshops on the regular-you.are.amazing. You are like the eighth wonder of the world to me. Seriously. The weather wasn't very kind to me...at first, but after setting me back about 2 hours I got the ball rolling. Then it just kind of gained some crazy momentum that had my head spinning!

It's crazy to say but I actually LEARNED from my own workshop, probably more than my attendees. I can't do it all myself. I just can't. Styled shoots I can pull off...a workshop with 11 girls...I need some help-like where are my wedding planners at-because I desperately need one of y'all from now on. TIME whew....I needed a timeline!! I preach to my brides the importance of a structured timeline & I didn't have one at ALL. So next time...there's going to be a pretty little schedule and I'm stickin' to it! More intimate setting. I loved having all these amazingly talented ladies in my presence...it was so awe-inspiring! but it took away from the "experience" there are so many of the girls I wish I could have had more one-on-one with...gotten to talk and laugh with and really "connect"...So from now on seats are going to be limited, because my philosophy is southern hospitality. Bigger venue for shooting!!! Gah!! I had one heck of a set-up if I may say so myself but I didn't get the shots I needed  which totally stinks!! 

The whole reason for this was for each of these fabulous ladies to leave confident, happy + to have learned something valuable. I wanted SO SO badly for them to feel secure....because each one of them are so talented and deserve to sparkle & hopefully they took that away with them!

I spent allllll night thinking about it, not going to lie I even beat myself up over some of the mistakes I had made., but that's just it-it was my first time EVER and mistakes were bound to happen! I've made a list...long as it may be...but I made one. I loved teaching, I loved seeing those girls SO eager to learn something and it was like this fire was ignited...this awe-inspiring moment of clarity, I pray that each one of them at least took away this- That they are fabulous. That this industry is NOT about who takes the best picture, but lifting each other up for the talents that each one of have. TO NEVER GIVE UP, you can do this, you are awesome + that it's not about booking 25 random shoots to make up your year...it's booking WHO + WHAT you want that makes you enjoy what YOU do!

I'm so thankful for all the wonderful ladies who gave me a chance- literally y'all I am so so blessed to have each one of you rallying for me. I also promise the next one will be better....and the next one....and who knows maybe I'll keep it going :) I want to share this passion with you all + I quite frankly I love pretty things! So stay tuned because I am working on rolling out the next one;)

a HUGE thank-you to my talented vendors-whom I will sing praises to alllll day long because they ROCK! Flowers: Emily Harmon of Love Blooms (DC) Hair: Brianna Adams of Brianna B. Adams LLC, Invites: Caitlin Troilo of KK's Printing & Stationary, Rentals: Logan Powell of  Real Southern Accents, Dress: Lazaro-Borrowing Magnolia, Cake: Sweet Reasons Cupcakes, Venue: Salubria  & my super adorable couple that modeled for me: Angela + D.J Moberley!! You can view their websites by looking under my preferred vendor list!