Having a Little "Faeth" | Personal Post | Virginia Wedding Photographer | Sarah Houston Photography

Five years ago when a little girl stole my heart, I knew...that "passion" I had for photography, could be so much more than that. Faeth Photography was born, The same time Natalie Faeth was born! My daughter is my best friend and is my biggest fan. She loves mommy's pictures and no matter if I think they aren't the best she ALWAYS makes me feel like they are works of art. Just recently...yesterday to be exact, I met with Katelyn James-who is like the Madonna of Photography. Now I'll admit I haven't always been a "KJ" fan...but when I heard her speak at a conference at the Torpedo Factory for Creatives-I.WAS.HOOKED. Y'all I know that she didn't know me from a hill of beans, but she walked up to me and said do I know you? and proceeded to talk to me like we did! I knew then...I had to mentor with this brilliant ginger!

Katelyn + Michael welcomed me into their home...Bokeh their adorable pup gave me lots of kisses like he'd known me for ages. Katelyn PUSHED me to realize SO many things I was unsure of in my business, she helped me take my "Faeth" to a WHOLE 'NOTHER LEVEL Y'ALL. It was life-changing in so many ways and I couldn't wait to start the process-so I jumped right in...before wedding season. I owe that girl so much + I am SO blessed to know her and to have learned from her, I am forever grateful.

I hope y'all will continue on this journey with me as Sarah Houston Photography, I am SO excited to see where it takes me ...(maybe even full time next year?!) So stay tuned and enjoy the ride...because it's going to be amazing.