My "First Date" with Katelyn James | Personal Post | Virginia Wedding Photographer | Sarah Houston Photography

OK so I didn't REALLY go on a date with Katelyn James because that would be weird, plus I think her husband Michael wouldn't be too happy about that. I DID however have a one-on-one with this incredibly talented ginger! Katelyn is like the Taylor Swift of the photography world, she's shaken' off the hater's and creating this positive atmosphere that YOU want to be a part of. From the moment I met her and Michael (& Danielle!!) at Bertucci's I felt like I had known them for forever. Granted I was a little intimidated and wanted to order spaghetti-I went with the "first date" rule and ordered a salad. No one wants stains on their shirt & face..especially in front of THE Katelyn James. I had straightened my hair for two hours and put on my make-up ever so carefully in preparation for this meeting....this first date. Katelyn was so warm and inviting and made you feel like you've been friends since kindergarten, Betcha she was even the one who shared her PB&J she was that sweet y'all. After lunch ( I really wanted a taco....) we headed out for head shots...these are like THE head shots y'all, no one can compare. Lord knows she could make a paper sack look good! Katelyn covered some basic posing and I WISH I had written it down because it was ten second memory has of course failed me, so I'm praying she'll take pity on my amnesia and send me those tips again! Then came the nitty gritty-the real moments that make you think & also cry a little. There were so many doors that I thought were shutting and that there wasn't a light at the end for me....but then she changed all of that. She wasn't mean or direct about it, she was so kind and suggestive that it just all made perfect sense. I look back on that day and think..WHY DIDN'T I DO THIS SOONER??! It was the answer to a prayer honestly...& my first date with Katelyn-well it was pretty awesome. I think I'll keep her around.

-Danielle you are so sweet & even though I didn't get as many pictures of you and you did me I hope you like the {few} I did. YOU are amazing and are going to go so far, I am SO glad we got to connect and I hope we can stay in touch! Look forward to seeing your business grow <3