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Virginia Wedding Photographer

Sometimes getting that perfect ring shot can be a daunting task especially in a location where there aren't many options for "pretty" background that help the ring really stand out. The ring shot at Engagement Portraits is just as important as a dress shot at the wedding! So here are some ideas to help make scouting the Ring Shot location easier!

  • Look for color! The portraits I've included in this post were shot at an abandoned fountain on a dock in Old Town Alexandria...it was busy and there weren't really any "pretty" places except for the gorgeous blue paint on the back of this fountain!! I bought a few different wine corks along with me and it ended up being a life-saver!
  • NEVER shoot a ring shot near water...whew. Unless your super confident...me I shy away from water and rings. There was a chance on the dock where I was taking pictures of the couple...but I am absolutely terrified of water and the thought of dropping it in there scares me to death!
  • Make sure the ring shot has meaning to the couple themselves. Luckily my couple loves wine so the cork really tied into the theme of who they are as a couple. So if needed I'll bring something along with me ahead of time to use because there may not always be "something" to use. Example: Couple like's the outdoors...I have a little birds nest prop I'll use to take the Ring Shot in! Your Couple likes going to the beach...a seashell or starfish make excellent Ring Shots!
  • Don't have a Macro lens? If you use a magnifying glass or the little lenses the mount on your 50mm you've got an instant macro! You can create those pretty close-up ring shots at half the price and with a lens you most likely already own! you can find those Macro Filter sets on B&H, Adorama or Amazon.
  • Keep it simple. Ring shots don't have to be these huge elaborate things, you can save the over the top shots for the wedding day...after all you don't want to have to "top" the engagement ring shot at the wedding-because you don't really know what settings/circumstances you may have that day!
Virginia Wedding Photographer

Ring Shots are always really fun and you get to show off that gorgeous detail in a way that speaks who you are as an artist and represents your couple! So have fun, be creative + create something magical!