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Virginia wedding photographer

Choosing my branding wasn't one of those "soul-searching" moments for me. Right from the start when I primarily started shooting weddings I knew exactly what I wanted as an artist.

When choosing a logo that will last (or really represent you well for the life of YOUR brand) you want to choose something that reflects who you are + have it seamlessly represent your brand as a whole. My logo is a simple silhouette with floral sprig accent. I chose these elements because: A. I love the point of obsession almost. I create my own in old frames alllll the time! B. It not only reflects me but also reflects what my brand is: vintage, classic, elegant and southern.  C. It's a logo that it seamless to my brand. The simple gray silhouette can be paired with anything! So when you are choosing the look and feel of your logo/name you want it to reflect YOU.

Another thing with my branding was a name change. I was previously working under the name Faeth Photography (my daughter's middle name) for FOUR years! Let me just say it was not an easy choice....but it needed to be done! Now having MY name on MY business really resonates well with my brides! I am no longer being called "Faeth"! Not everyone will choose to work under their name and that's ok!! For me it was definitely a great choice.

Why the Southern theme? Y' I really need to elaborate on this?! hahahaha ok.ok. for those who don't know me-I'll explain. I. am. 100 % southern belle. Full of "Hey y'all's" , Yes Ma'am's + No Sir's and a lot of southern sayings (&twang!) So of course Southern Traditions are a HUGE part of my life which greatly influenced my brand...ok not influenced but more like took the front seat and drove away. So when you are choosing your brand, think about what represents you the best. Also for me true southern weddings-I'm talkin' burying the bourbon, getting married at a gorgeous plantation and keepin' it classic southern-is the bride I want. Mason Jars and Burlap are OK don't get me wrong....but I want the more romantic, classic, elegance of a southern plantation wedding! So my brand reflects that ;) 

virginia wedding photographer

Another thing that I've chosen for my branding is only posting and shooting weddings that FIT my brand. What that means is...I won't shoot a gothic ceremony in a cemetery on Halloween because it doesn't fit who I am + what my brand represents. I do however love a wedding with classic, elegance in the underlying theme. I don't mind a good urban setting either! If it looks like a Southern Bride Magazine Wedding...then that's my kind of wedding y'all.

It can be overwhelming trying to figure out a brand that represents you + that will last/grow with you for awhile. Re-branding can be EXPENSIVE! for me I've found something timeless that will grow with me + my business. I always ask photographer's when they ask me how to choose their brand: Choose THREE words that describe your style. If you need help, ask someone else to describe it for you! Also if you'd like branding help I'm only an email away;)