"Those Days" | Personal Post | Virginia Wedding Photographer | Sarah Houston Photography

I had one of those days...the one where your praying for it to end so you can crawl into your comfy bed and sleep it off. I work full time during the week for a bank, I open accounts, loans and lots of other fun stuff. Well today...today was one of those crazy hectic days where at one point I thought I was going to suffocate. It's hard sometimes...I want to just quit-throw caution to the wind and do photography FULL TIME. I think of all the things I could accomplish if I was soley focused on weddings instead of trying to split myself into a million places. Then it happened. I had a customer come in upset and the first thing they said to me? "It's so nice to see your smiling face + to have your great customer service"....well poo! There went my bad mood, there went the "I wanna quit" and I realized....God blessed me with this opportunity. My manager works with my wedding schedule, I schedule blog posts and handle my business all in the same day. I.AM.BLESSED. Yes I get frustrated and yes there are tough days....but working this full time job allows me to have more of a "cushion" lord knows taxes aren't the friendliest to us, but I can afford to do a lot more than what I would if I didn't have this job. It doesn't make me less of a photographer I am still just as awesome as the next wedding photographer! So if you find yourself at your full time job thinking-"I can't do this anymore" your not alone, I get that way too! Remember this:

-That full time job is giving you stability. You can afford luxuries you may not get if you didn't have it

-Not being "full time" doesn't make you less of a photographer, If someone thinks or tells you that...They.are.wrong. There is NO RULE that says "if your not a full-time photographer" then you are not successful.

-Being your own boss is great, but if you have an amazing boss already...why ruin that? My boss is literally THE best guy in the world. I am truly so so blessed to have him & for now I'm completely content with juggling the two jobs!

So yes...it's hard and sometimes I have "those days" & yeah...maybe one day I'll be full time. For now though, I'll balance my little elderly folks check books, open their grandkids accounts and be the little blonde banker they all love.