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Maybe I'm the last person who should give marriage advice, I know this, but I still wanted to write a few things that I've learned from 5 years of marriage. 

Communication is the key to a healthy marriage. It isn't always easy...and there are going to be times you don't want to talk things through, but trust me when I say Talking it through together and discussing it as a "team" (because you are!) makes a HUGE impact. It saves you a lot of hurt feelings and resentment.

Have date nights. So you are married now...that doesn't mean you still can't have date nights! Go to dinner and a movie once a week, dress up fancy and really enjoy your time together. Put the cell phones away...focus on one another because during the hustle and bustle of the week-your relationship may get lost in the stress of it. Reconnect.

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Random acts of Love + Kindness. Surprise your spouse with their favorite chocolates or let him watch a game entirely un-interrupted with a beer and a sandwich you bring him. These little "random acts of kindness" keep the spark going and help remind each of you that you mean something. Even if its just doing the dishes, that goes a long way!

 Pray Together. This may or may not fit in your marriage but if it does, praying together really really makes a difference. When they say two prayers are better then one-they mean it. It becomes stronger and builds a better foundation for your marriage. God is a solid rock and if your marriage is based on will withstand any storm. 

Best Friends For Life. This doesn't mean getting matching BFF bracelets, granted you can get matching tattoo's if you'd like! This means putting your husband first. Trusting him with everything....pretty much anything you do with your best friend-do it with your husband, well except the manicures and facials, unless he likes that too!

Remember Why You Fell in Love. Things can get a little tough sometimes,  trust me. The water's will churn but the storm will pass....just hold unto to one another & remember WHAT made you each fall in love. Hold on to that and when the going gets tough-use that to get you through till the storm passes. 

Marriage isn't always easy, it's full of ups + downs. It's a constant thing you have to work on every single day, but love is one of those things that makes the fight worth it.