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Virginia Wedding Photographer

Dear Bride or Future Bride, 

I know that you're making a lot of tough decisions right now and there's a million things that you're trying to do. When planning wedding- you have to decide what kind of cake you want,  what dress you will wear, the venue you adore....there's so many decisions that you have to make in this process that can be a little difficult (& overwhelming at times). I know that choosing a photographer can be confusing, after all there are THOUSANDS to choose from! But I want you to think about some things that will help make this decision much easier...

When looking for a photographer make sure you look at their portfolio and the images truly resonate with YOU and your fiance.  You really want to make sure that you "mesh" with the photographer and their style matches YOUR style.

Brace yourself for pricing and be open minded. If you have a certain budget in mind, most wedding photographers have their starting price listed on their website.  If the starting price isn't in your budget....then ask for recommendations from that photographer you like on someone who is in your budget. For example: My starting price for a 6hr wedding is $2800, but with that I bring an "experience" for my couples-I want them to enjoy their time with me and make it memorable. I never want them to look back and say "Oh some photographer took these", I want them to say "Sarah took these photographs and we had so much fun creating them with her!!".

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Book for Style, not for price. If the photographer creates photographs that resonate with you-then that's the photographer you want. Don't book someone because they are the cheapest or they had a special running....REALLY look at their work + love it, you're doing  yourself (+the photographer) a disservice if you're just booking them on pricing and nothing else. Those photographs will outlast the cake, the food and the flowers....don't regret your memories as you only get one go round. If you prefer dark, contrast filled images then find a photographer who has that style, if you like the light and airy then find a photographer who has that kind of portfolio. Research and be happy with the photographer's work, because what they produce is what you'll get on your wedding day.

Connection. Choosing a photographer is almost as important as choosing your maid of honor. You want to mesh well with the photographer because having someone there that you are comfortable with and that you truly connect with makes a HUGE difference-your pictures will reflect that! It helps you to be more natural and feel at ease in photographs. If you book a photographer who loves romantic, detail filled photographs and you don't like PDA or you don't care about details like the shoes or the dress shot, then don't book a photographer that DOES like those things, there's no faster way to kill a connection then booking someone you don't share anything in common with.

These are just some ideas to help aide in the search for the perfect portraits, there are TONS of photographers to choose from-I just want you to choose the one who clicks best with you-get it..."clicks best"-photographer's joke ;)

Good Luck + Happy Photographer Hunting!!