To get an Ice Swan or Not to get an Ice Swan....| Wedding Wisdoms | Virginia Wedding Photographer | Sarah Houston Photography

Weddings are always fast paced + super exciting. I love being able to save those moments that slip away into the day. I always like to educate my brides and let them know the importance of these fleeting moments. Yes the venue is SUPER important-because after all you need a place to get married! The decorations are nice because it gives me details to capture, the cake and food are great too because-well A. Cake is amazing and B. I love food...but those "things" they don't last....they are there for one day, 10-12 hours then they are gone. What's the point of it all if you don't have really nice pictures to remember them?? 

I put all my heart and soul into my bride + grooms day. I treat each one of them as if they were family, because I know those memories are going to be the ones displayed on mantels and passed down in family albums. Those moments are memories that matter. So I like to talk with each bride and work out a timeline that allows enough time for gorgeous portraits but also allows them to enjoy their day. I highly recommend this for any bride to do with their photographer. These portraits will outlast the Swan Ice Sculpture or the Chocolate Lava Fountain with changing lights....Portraits are just as important as your venue and your dress. 

Well...if you have a taco truck or taco bar, that's pretty important too....Just remember take time for your portraits, enjoy them and don't rush. These memories are something you will truly cherish more at the end of the day-I promise, no one will be upset if you don't have Maroon 5 at your wedding because you splurged on a great photographer's package. (and I am WAYYYY less than Maroon 5...or even an Ice Sculpture)