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virginia wedding photographer

Life is full of moments, each moment holding a memory.

virginia wedding photographer

My grandparents that practically raised me, didn't have ANY wedding photos. Nothing to pass down from generation to generation....there is an album or two filled with old black and white photographs, but none documenting that special day for them. It's sad.

Portraits are so so important. They forever hold those memories, long after the mind has forgotten them. When my grandmother passed away years ago...she didn't even remember who I was....that.was.hard. Now that they are both gone I have those old black and white portraits as a testimony that they were here. Smiling, laughing and being in love. Those pictures...they are my most prized possessions, if there was a fire I'd grab those along with other personal keepsakes. When we had a tornado hit when I was younger, those pictures were held against my chest in the tiny bathroom where we hid. 

That's the "spark" for me, this is why I do what I do for all the couples I get the pleasure of sharing their day with. Those moments fade, that day they worked so hard to plan-to show everyone the love they have for one's one day. The portraits I take of that celebration will last forever and someday their grandchildren will cherish those photographs just as much as I cherish my grandparents photographs.

Photography is important, so please do your research and find someone who tells your story how YOU want it to be told. Cherish those portraits. Print them and put them in albums, frames and hang them on the wall...they are meant to be adored. Pass them down because pictures are meant to be heirlooms.