Amy and Jordan #AJWorkshop | Richmond Virginia | Sarah Houston Photography

I had the honor of attending Amy and Jordan's first VA #AJWorkshop in Richmond, VA at the Paisley Jade studio. First let me say that I was in heaven there at the Paisley and Jade studio because of all the vintage furniture they have for rent...if you know me, y'all know I love vintage pieces. Then to learn from Amy and Jordan who are uber talented and not to mention a super adorable was like double whammy awesome. It started with a donut social-sugar shack donuts to be exact...of course I didn't have one (*gasp*) and it sure wasn't because I'm cutting down on carbs....I get super nervous around new people & it wasn't just "new people" it was two amazing photographers I adored on top of it. So lets just say butterflies and donuts-wouldn't be a good combo. Day 1 of the learning experience was pretty amazing and the styled shoot they had...well lets just say it's put all the ones I've shame. Amanda Veronee and Caroline Birgmann are genious together {not to mention I adore their #fangirl love} Jordan also did some pretty sweet dance moves too. Then lunch catered from Chipotle and dinner with the best darn pizza I've ever had...umm I was in foodie heaven y'all. Plus they supplied my Cola habit ;) Day 2 was more my brain was so full that I thought it was going to explode...thank the Lord they had workbooks because I honestly would not be able to remember all the amazing-ness that came from those 2 12hr days. Yes TWO 12hr days packed with so much knowledge it was crazy. I am so grateful for the time I spent with them and the other attendee's, making new friendships and learning oh-so-much, I even ended it with a one-on-one mentor session just to make sure I got everything I possibly could out of their time here in VA. So if you are looking for a life changing workshop I highly recommend theirs, also if you aren't reading their