Eating my humble pie | Charlottesville Virginia Wedding Photographer Sarah Houston Photography

I'll be the first to admit it...I'm flawed. 

Okay now that I've put that out there, let's delve into today's little  blog post.

I love cheering on my friends, making sure I give them every ounce of kindness and love in my entire being...outpouring everything I have into them. Sounds wonderful right? well it is....until it came to the point where I couldn't receive it back. It makes me uncomfortable when people compliment me, I don't like to share my struggles with them and I really really did not like asking for help. So much so that when things exploded in my life....I was alone because I wouldn't let people in. "I"-became my own downfall. I was literally too humble, which I didn't even know was possible.

I couldn't accept compliments, I couldn't accept help and I literally pushed all my friends away by being "Miss Independent". I thought if I acknowledge it or asked for help it made me weak, it made me look like I was being narcissistic and it really didn't. Insecurities are the worst. All I wanted to do was put the spotlight on anyone but me.

It's OK to be humble, it's not ok to be too humble. Accept the help, acknowledge the compliment and be grateful for the love that other's give you. Going through a life change alone is pretty darn depressing...TRUST ME, I don't want to go through this alone and honestly being too ashamed to ask for help has left me feeling distant and deserted with my best friends. I need to surround myself with their kindness, accept their sweet words and through it all I can still remain humble.

So if you are finding yourself in the same boat, looking for the paddle as I was....take the fist step by asking someone for help. You'll be surprised at how fast your friends are willing to give you a paddle;)