Engagement Shoots-Revisited | Charlottesville Virginia Wedding Photographer Sarah Houston Photography

I've written a few blog posts on engagement sessions but it never hurts to have a million of them right? In the past I had written about what to expect or what to wear...so this one will be a combo of both!

Recently I had the pleasure of photographing a lovely couple in Harrisonburg, VA. Most of the time I had suggested two outfits for the couple to wear, well this time they bought three different ones with them & it was awesome!! We used two locations the first with one outfit then the other one with the remaining two. It really made a HUGE difference and really looked fabulous! So now I'm going to suggest this to all my couples!! Two semi-casual and one dressier outfit really tie the session together and give a nice balanced variety. I have a Pinterest Board just for e-shoot outfit styling!

Some things to avoid in your wardrobe:

Busy Patterns. Neutral colors are the best way to go, but plaid actually translates ok in photographs! 

Cargo Pants. While having a million pockets may be a good thing, they don't look well for photographs...especially paired with sandals or bright white socks with tennis shoes. It doesn't look good...

Ripped Jeans. I never really got into that trend & honestly for professional photographs it's nice to avoid them....

Things to consider wearing:

Ladies- Heels even though they are painful as heck sometimes...they really accentuate your figure. Bring flats for the walking part and just pop on the heels when we get ready to take the photos!

Wearing layers during the fall/winter. Vests and cute coats with warm scarfs make the outfit more fun! adding your favorite boots (or booties) is a great  accessory.

Bring different jewelry options, this way you can have different looks with each outfit!

Guys, you can be stylish too, blazers, suit jackets and vests are great staples to have...need inspiration? Check out J Crew or Banana Republic online, their models can guide you with outfit choices (P.S...don't want to pay an arm & a leg for the look? Target has some really awesome options!!)

Ladies, want some cute staple pieces without the hefty cost as well? check out Target, TJ Maxx/Marshall's or my favorite Poshmark!

Have fun with your shoot, don't be nervous (which is easier said then done) I'm not expecting you to be models-even though my couples always ROCK their shoot like pro's! I love for it to be light hearted, fun and not serious...because these are your pre-wedding portraits, it's an exciting time-so laugh, joke and smile!! 

The posing we go over...it's the same for your wedding day so you know what to expect. It also makes the pictures quick and painless on the wedding day (hence why they are included in both packages I offer!)

Trust Me. I would never put y'all in a weird or awkward looking photograph & it may look weird or feel funny, maybe the location looks awful to you as well as the light, but trust me. There is a plan and it will look good (if all goes as planned in my head LOL) just ask my previous #SHPCouples...they'll tell you-magic happens!