It's all in the presentation | Charlottesville Virginia Wedding Photographer Sarah Houston Photography

I can never say this enough to creatives when they mentor or come to one of my workshops-YOU are the face of your business so present yourself well. What this means is keeping your online presence professional on your business page and if you friend brides to keep your personal page as such.

Another HUGE HUGE point I like to make is: Customer Service and how you present yourself at an initial meeting or even from the first email contact! I always respond immediately and will include a lot of excitement in the email: such as smiley faces and exclamation points-because it truly is an exciting time! (plus I have a very energetic bubbly attitude for my couples!) at the consultation I present the same bubbly-energy and make sure the meeting is about them-not me. Talk about their wedding day, what vision they have and how you can't wait to share in their day! After all it's a HONOR they are considering you-a complete stranger-into such an intimate chapter in their life.

Be appreciative and be humbled. I love making my couples feel loved and making them feel special, I want my brides to know that I am there to help and not only am I their photographer but I am their friend too.

Go above and beyond. I always say...stop thinking of yourself as "Just the photographer" you can have such a incredible lasting impact on their life, so why not love and serve them as best as you possibly can?? That means being there if something goes wrong and trying to keep the couples as happy as possible. If you are smiling and reassuring-it helps keep them calm and happy too! Be prepared to: help adjust hair if needed, have an emergency kit stocked with bobby pins and safety pins for dress emergencies and just serve/love them as much as you can in any way that you can!!

Remember: they could have chosen ANYONE to photograph their wedding day, but they chose YOU. Don't take it for granted, be humble, be grateful and most of all feel honored. This is such an amazing experience and it's a true blessing to witness!

Changing your presence (positively) and attitude can do wonders for your business ;)