Perhaps you were....| Personal Post | Charlottesville Wedding Photographer Sarah Houston Photography


This amazing verse was the saving grace I needed.

We all have hard days, days of maybe I should give up...and what was I thinking when I did this?? Wedding season brings on double the doubts. The pressure of getting it right and getting it done is enough to drive you insane. The pressure of being and the pressure of doing is crushing....and it can be quite lonely when you don't have friends who understand. So I take to reading my bible for uplifting and encouraging words because I know that God is always there...waiting to be my rock and save me from drowning.

I came across this beautiful verse: "Perhaps you were born for such a time as this" and it hit me...hard. All my life God has prepared me for things...things he has planned for me. It's funny how God just lines things up for me and I'm just too blonde to see it sometimes! recently I started worrying about how I'd get through 2016 with no inquiries. Then God blessed me with some truly wonderful friends who I connected with....I didn't think much about it & was just grateful for their sweet encouragement, but then referrals started coming from these sweet girls! Oh my gracious I was so blessed and God is so good for allowing me to connect with them <3 Then I started to think....maybe I am made for this. Maybe this crazy dream is what God wants me to do...

So I encourage you my dear friend, when you are doubting yourself remember this verse, Perhaps YOU were born for this too....Perhaps God wants to bless you too, if you'd just let him.

Take the leap, have faith and let God bless you abundantly. Have faith the size of a mustard seed and you can move mountains. I'm cheering for you sweet soul, you've got this!