Project "Patty Cake"|Charlottesville virginia wedding photographer | Sarah Houston Photography


This wedding season has taught me some valuable things when it comes to the flow of wedding days. It's always a learning experience-every year something else becomes a "must remember" moment to pass on to future brides. This year it's the cake....TWICE this year (so far) there have been cake incidents. First one the cake fell in transport to the location and the second, their cake artist had to back out. Yikes!! well y'all know me...not only do I LOVE cake, but I love my couples and believe EVERYONE deserves a cake (even if it's small) for their wedding day. SO the first incident was solved by the quick action of the brides friends making cupcakes (they were able to save two tiers) that helped save the day! The second one- I decided to have a small two person cake made by one of my lovely cake artist friends Monique of Sweets By Monique LLC. After all everyone deserves to have a cake to celebrate with...I mean even Marie Antoinette had the right idea when she said "let them eat cake".

So what I learned is: Have a back-up plan. Plan B is better than no plan at all. That's definitely not something brides are thinking about-they have their rainy day wedding plan, but there isn't really a "My cake didn't make it" plan....granted I know it's not the most important thing that day, it's just a small detail...& the most important thing is your marrying your best friend. It's still nice to have a yummy cake though:) :) So that's why I'm going to educate my brides with Plan "patty cake" (because after all-covert code names are AWESOME) "Plan Patty Cake" is the plan B for wedding cake mishaps. My brides will automatically have this plan implemented in their wedding day coverage...because I have some pretty amazing cake baking friends. IF you aren't an #SHPbride then here's the DL on project "Patty Cake" that you can implement yourself. Have your baker bake a small*cake smash* sized cake (think one year old birthday cake size) for back-up. This way "just in case" you can still have the traditional-cake feeding (or smashing into one another's face) photographs. If you don't end up using it-you can then use it for a one year anniversary shoot! (also gifted to my #SHPbrides!)

I am going to start a few other blog posts on "plan b's" for other things that could use a good ol' back-up plan, so stay tuned for more!!