Putting an end to envy | Charlottesville Virginia Wedding Photographer Sarah Houston Photography


It's SO hard not to feel the sting of jealousy. I cannot even begin to count the times I've experienced this...We are human. For years I actually let it run my life, change me, I even let it ruin friendships. Honestly jealousy affects everyone...not just creatives. Envy happens to EVERYONE...even if you don't admit it, it's happened to you too & you know what? It's OKAY. 

I'm not saying that you should be envious or jealous all the time, I'm just saying that those feelings are normal...we've all been there a few times (or more then we would like to admit). It's more of-what you do to stop those feelings of inadequacy & stop the destruction it can cause. Finding the root of it can be a difficult thing, sometimes it's as simple as an insecurity in yourself. Whatever the reason find it....and prevent it from becoming worse. Envy/Jealousy is like decay, you need to prevent it or stop it from becoming worse.

Insecurity was the main reason for me, I have no confidence in myself or my abilities. I would be envious of what everyone else was doing because I thought, if I'm not doing that or those things aren't lining up for me, then I must not be doing something right. I would even be jealous of other creatives offices, or someone's trip to Europe because I couldn't have those things. It's human nature, we want what we can't always have and the green monster comes out. 

I can't sit here and tell you that it stops, or completely goes away. I will tell you that there are some things you can do (right now!) to help keep it at bay, because jealously can destroy you if you let it.

Unfollowing on Facebook has helped me tremendously. I will only scroll down three to four posts on Facebook now, sounds crazy I know...but it really helps me from falling down the rabbit hole. I only follow certain people now, sounds harsh BUT it has really helped me stay focused on my business and not what everyone else is doing. For Instagram I get on and the same rule applies-scroll down a few, reply to comments and give some love to a few posts then I shut it off. Focus on your life...not others and I promise that will keep jealousy and envy to a minimum.

I still cheer on and support others when I can, if I see that someone accomplished something amazing I make sure to celebrate with them, then I count a blessing that I have received to keep me grounded. If I see something I wish I had, I again will be thankful for what I've been given. Staying grounded is hard, but it can be done if you try.

It's not easy & it can be a downward spiral if you let it...but taking small simple steps to prevent it can save you so much craziness.