Rain...it's not so bad. | Wedding Wisdoms | Charlottesville Wedding Photographer Sarah Houston Photography


I always like to write blog posts for my brides about things I've learned this wedding season. So far I've had only one thing that stuck out to, the cake incidents. Now I am adding another learning experience to the blog posts....rain.

Gosh if you knew what the weather would be when you choose your date, I'd bet you'd choose a pretty sunny day. Well unfortunately we aren't granted the power of looking into the future, so when you choose a date and it's going to rain (or for this year...hurricane) it can be a bit of a downer.

First I want to say that even though it's raining, your day is still going to be amazing. It's not exactly how you may have envisioned...but the thing that matters the most is YOU + YOUR soon-to-be husband are getting married. Yeah it's nice to have clear sky portraits with the sun , but rainy day portraits can be just as pretty (& even more magical!) So don't stress it. Roll with what the day brings and be ready for breaks in the rain to take portraits when you can. Laugh it off...because after all jumping and dancing in the rain makes your inner child super happy!!

Invest in clear umbrella's. Target has really cute dome umbrellas I buy the silver ones because they are less...color-full. The white ones are really nice for light as well! Clear umbrella's allow the natural light to filter through and make for really fun photographs! You can also purchase them in bulk on amazon!

Incorporate rain boots into the wedding day attire. I am a HUGE fan of my Hunter Wellies and they look amazing on the bridal party in the rain (also helps keep your feet dry!!) they come in all sorts of colors too! If you would rather not splurge on Hunter Boots, Target and Walmart sell comparable rain boots that are cute too! Rock those rain shoes & don't be afraid to have fun with it!

Keep your cocktail hour off the covered porches. Sometimes cocktail hour will be in the one area that is covered from the rain and I have to squeeze in to take portraits since it's the only shelter from the rain. It's much easier to do these if the one or two spaces that are covered...aren't full of your guests. Try to keep cocktail hour inside if possible.

Feeling adventurous? As a photographer I like to create something fun and different for my couples, but not all my brides are ok with dancing in the rain. Also some are a little too adventurous and don't realize my camera isn't waterproof! I love rainy day photographs and love when the couple wants to have fun with it....I just have to be careful ;)

The ceremony has to be moved inside. There's always the venue that's stunning on the outside and made for outdoor ceremonies....then it has to be moved indoors. Brides who have their mindset on pretty outdoor ceremony photographs now have to have indoor photographs...it's still going to be ok. They may not be as envisioned....but the most important part, is becoming the Mrs.

Just. Have. Fun. As a kid I remember how much I loved dancing in the rain, there's also something so wonderful letting it soak into your skin. It makes you smile, laugh and really be present in the moment. Don't stress or shy away from the rain....take it from me, I would FREAK out when rain was in the forecast & it was because I was scared...not being in control drove me crazy and not knowing how the day would go was frightening. Then I stopped worrying, I rolled with it and enjoyed the day that God had gifted. Embrace it. Enjoy it. It's YOUR wedding day no matter if it's sunny or cloudy or rainy....

Love is beautiful....even in the rain.