Ready or happened. | Charlottesville Virginia Wedding Photographer Sarah Houston Photography

Lately I've been seeing a lot of blog posts about creatives taking their business full-time. They've been posting pictures of popping champagne and celebrating with confetti. Today....I turned in my two weeks notice and instead of jumping for joy, I kind of want to vomit a little. 

I thought that I'd have the same experience as all my friends who took the leap, I even prepared myself mentally for what I'd do to announce it. Instead I watched my manager's face best friend and co-worker cried when I told her...and I had the sinking feeling of "crap just got real". I've worked a job since I was 16. I pictured myself sitting at desk job when I was 90, but then I started my business, I was doing something I actually LOVED to do! 

I am not going to lie to you, I'm scared out of my mind. To be a full time photographer is quite the leap of faith for me. What if I fail? What if we are poor and I have to beg for food???? I'm drowning in the the what if's right now....but I couldn't take one more day of wishing I were editing instead of being at my desk job. I couldn't try selling anymore loans or accounts or credit cards while barely scraping by on the little pay I made.

I am going to work hard, so hard that I won't look back on this moment and think it was all for nothing. I'm going to take every blessing I can and open every door that comes my way. I am going to have that I will be ok and that my business WILL survive.

So there it is....I'm letting go and taking the leap. let's all pray I can book 26 more weddings in 2017.