Choosing the right style for Senior Shoots | Charlottesville Virginia Wedding + Portrait Photographer | Faeth Photography


Being a Senior in High School can be so exciting, after all this is the last chapter in grade school! So what better way to celebrate your huge step into adult-hood than Senior Portraits. You get to be all fancied up, have all the attention on you, all while rocking some pretty sweet selfies. Okay sounds great...but what the heck should you wear?! It's hard enough just picking out an outfit in the morning. Here's a few tips to help you rock out those super awesome senior selfies:

Wear something comfortable but not to slouchy. what this means is: don't wear those new skinny jeans you just bought and haven't broken in, instead wear a nice pair that your comfortable in, it definitely shows if your uncomfortable.

Wear clothes that represent you. If your not a girly girl, don't wear a dress. That's like making a cowboy wear a suit! instead opt for jeans with cute flats or boots. Pair it with a really nice top or sweater and your good to go!

Don't be afraid to use Pinterest. While I'm not a huge fan of posing from Pinterest (that wind in her hair is totally staged by-the-way) I do like how it offers endless outfit and styling ideas. You can find outfits AND hairstyling tips all at the click of a button!

Also reach out to the photographer, what type of location are you using and what time of day are all questions that you need answered to help choose what works best.

Last but not least, ENJOY this's all about you & your going to ROCK it!