Sometimes "following" can be a bad thing | Charlottesville Virginia Wedding Photographer Sarah Houston Photography

I made the discovery the other day that Facebook has this amazing thing called "News feed Preference" it lets you quickly (& painlessly) unfollow people in just a few clicks. Hallelujah y'all I started to jump for joy! I was going crazy with all the gorgeous in my newsfeed from some pretty amazing all the tempting conferences and workshops that I wanted to spend money on I didn't have, it was a real struggle. 

It's wonderful to be inspired by others, don't get me wrong. I have some really talented friends and mentors that have gorgeous work, but I just can't spend hours and hours on social media staring at their work praying that mine is just as pretty. Unfollow...seriously, do it. I open my Facebook on my phone and it's literally only a few people and my favorite inspirational person Lysa Terkeurst. It's so refreshing!!! I don't spend a whole day on my phone AND I don't feel like crap once I get on my newsfeed. It's a Godsend for your sanity..unless you are flipping awesome and you aren't phased by anything (Good for you!)

I stop joining photography groups AND I've un-followed/un-joined (is that even a word?) lots of photography related things. I never thought I would say this...but distancing myself from the "community" has REALLY helped me. If y'all know me, I preach the whole community, everyone help one another, let's all be friends-thing. I got burned more times than I can count and found out someone can "say" they practice "community over competition" but they don't truly mean it. So I decided the best solution for now-choose my friends wisely and who I surround/associate myself with as well.

The biggest critic will always be yourself (unless your narcissistic). So tackle that beast first, really get past your insecurities before you follow/join groups. That way you can handle all the pretty without ripping yourself apart.  

DON'T feel like if you un-follow or un-join (yes that's now a word) that you are a bad person or that you aren't the model citizen. Sometimes you need to do whats best for YOU...your sanity will thank you. If you don't-your work could me. 

*Just don't unfollow my blog!!* (LOL)

Stay Fabulous,