The real truth | Charlottesville Virginia Wedding Photographer Sarah Houston Photography


For the past 6 years of being in business-all I've heard was "You need to go full time". I literally get asked once a day when I am going to take the leap, honestly I thought I'd be full time by now...but the security of my job holds me back. Don't get me wrong, it would be really awesome to go full time, to be my own boss, but knowing that I have a steady income and my health insurance is pretty much covered for me and my family is a HUGE bonus. I may be tired and juggle all of it can get complicated sometimes, but knowing that I can book and shoot as many weddings as I'd like instead of what is going to keep a roof on our heads-is more satisfying to me.

I wish they had a poster child for us, the photographer working two jobs. Maybe if we had encouragement in that area everyone wouldn't feel so ashamed to have a full or part time job. We wouldn't push so hard and for so long to become part of the "norm". Instead we'd be happy with what we are so blessed to have-a full time job with a successful photography business. I mean come not have the pressure to book all the weddings you could possibly fit in a calendar year can take away from the magic of it all. 

Let me tell you, it's financially ok (& smart) to have a full or part time job in addition to your small business. It gives you stability, something to fall back on and it helps you fund your small business in ways you couldn't normally. It allows you to take on the weddings YOU want and not just anything to make the quota for the year.

I know you've been told by many that in order to be successful-you have to be full time. To me success isn't defined in that way, it's hearing from couples years after their wedding that they STILL love their portraits, it's seeing their cover photo or profile photo still their wedding photo from two years ago. It's hearing the respect in their voice when you tell them you juggle both and you rock it like a true #bossmom. 

So if you are feeling down or upset...even if you feel like you've failed. You haven't. Not being full time isn't the end-all, don't stress yourself over making the leap. Make sure to be financially sound-first and foremost, then your dreams will follow.