Why I'm not a sales person | Charlottesville Wedding Photographer Sarah Houston Photography


I'm not a very good sales person. Sadly you'd think I would be with my full time job being a sales driven position....but I hate it. It makes me so uncomfortable and trying to upsell or cross-sell is enough to make me want to hide under my desk. So when it comes to bridal meetings I was starting to feel the same anxiety, I was dreading selling who I am and what I had to offer only to be rejected. It wasn't something I looked forward to anymore and I really hated thinking about who I was being compared to going into the meeting.

So with my 2016 season currently booking I wanted to approach it with a different mindset, I don't want to look at bridal meetings as a sales meeting because for me I want something different. Each couple that I book-I want them to be friends, not transactions, not just "photos". I want them to be meaningful, I want each moment of their wedding to move me, to change me and to make me love a little deeper.


I had a wonderful sweet couple about a week ago that I photographed. Their wedding was amazing & there were so many lovely moments...but what made it even more special was I came away from it with two amazing new friends & my heart just a little more full with love-because witnessing the love they had, sharing in those moments-it was enough to make my heart full. That's the kind of wedding I want to book, those are the kind of couples I want to share in their day. The kind that change your heart, fill your soul and truly create these gorgeous romantic photos because their love story is just waiting to be told.

I'm not going into a bridal meeting with the mindset of- If I don't book this, my career is over...(yeah harsh I know!) I'm going to go into with- If she's an #SHPBride...we'll both know. I'm not going to compete for it, I'm not going to try to outsell or outdo the other unknown photographer's. I'm going to be myself, show who I am & what I love to do. It's all about creating memories, sharing those moments and making time stand still on such an important day. I want to create stories...

No more selling.