Count Your Blessings...| Personal Post | Charlottesville Virginia Wedding + Portrait Photographer | Faeth Photography


I've been guilty of looking at others and thinking why can't I be blessed with something like that...I know terrible isn't it? but I am human, I have my flaws & one of them is not being thankful for what God has given me! God has been and continue's to be so good to me. He doesn't answer every prayer or give me everything I ask him for, but those unanswered prayer's and things I thought I needed-are blessings in disguise. Those lead to other things or I just truly didn't need them to begin with! It's tough...& sometimes I feel like he isn't listening, but then he reminds me somehow or someway that HE is in control and it all comes in HIS time! Isn't God just wonderful?? I was starting to worry about my 2015 wedding season, but then after praying for God to show me the way-inquiries have started pouring in, praise God!! So I want to share with y'all- even in your darkest moment, even when you think God isn't listening-he is. He is there. God will answer your prayer in his time and in his way. No matter what always have faith and know that he is there. 

Thank you all for such an amazing 2014 season + I pray that 2015 will be just as wonderful!