Staying Positive in a Negative Nancy Industry | Charlottesville Virginia wedding + portrait photographer | Faeth Photography

I had someone tell me once that my photo's looked like a child took them. Ouch. These are the words....the ones that kill your self esteem and crush your dream. THIS shouldn't be the industry we are in...THIS isn't the way we should interact with one another. I'm talking to the photographer that was "born holding a camera and never made a mistake in their entire life". Yeah. Now I want to talk to the dream keepers-the ones who are just starting out or the ones who have been in the game for a bit, but your down and out because another photographer got to you first, I'm here to save the day. Why? because I've been through the ringer too...I've heard it (& crickets) from those "big guys" but I've also met and connected/made friends with some really ah-mazing photographers that I look up to.

What I'm saying is...Don't Let Them Make You Bitter. They are trying to dull your sparkle! They are scared because you are en crouching on their bread and butter. Most of them this is their full time job, trust me I get it...if I could it would be my full time career too, BUT if your doing this the right way like them then they have no right to throw you to the wolves. I pay taxes and I pay for my equipment...I also hardly make anything because of this & that's ok because I am doing it the right way and it's about the art-not the paycheck. Hence why I work Full-Time and do this on the side for now. It doesn't justify their actions though...instead of tearing someone down-educate them! 

Your going to run into some down-right awful things in this industry & I'm not going to lie-it's not easy in anyway because there will always-unfortunately-be competition and not the friendly elementary school kind. I am STILL working on getting tougher skin. Heck I had to even stop following people because I was comparing myself to them! That ugly green monster rears it's head and he will eat you alive if he gets the chance! 

So what I am trying to say in my awkward non-ranting that you shouldn't listen to those negative Nancy's & don't worry about someone else's grass...instead work on making yours greener ;) I love that quote!