Even after the Rain....| Personal Post | Virginia Wedding Photographer | Sarah Houston Photography


Winter time is always a struggle with me. The cold weather, getting dark so quickly and the horrible static that follows going from outside to inside (or vice versa). It's also hard for someone who struggles with depression. *Gasp* I know this is a shocking personal post....revealing something so intimate. It's not something that defines me though....It's just something that I've had to overcome. 

I've always been reserved, I remember even as a kid I was shy and preferred to keep to myself. I still want to have approval and make my family proud....which can be somewhat difficult at times when things don't go like I had planned. I think it's pretty hard for people to even realize that I struggle even MEETING new people, it terrifies me! Luckily my full time job has truly prepared me, in the past 7yrs of working for the financial institution I can face people and not have a panic attack....well that is till the large group meetings happen, hahaha! 

I feel as if I had to hide these things, that they were almost like scarlet letters on my chest. My past and everything that helped to shape me-good + bad-were secrets I had to keep. It's sad how there is such little understanding and much more judging when it comes to "depression." My husband is one of those who can't comprehend it and though it's hard...it's understandable, not everyone really "gets it" unless they have or are going through it.

So I guess my point is....everyone has a mask. They can hide things so well & you would never know there was something wrong, So why can't we all be kinder to one another and love one another as God did? He never judges someone for the personal struggles, in fact he doesn't judge at all! He loves everyone with an open heart. What a better world it would be if we could all be more sympathetic towards one another. Sometimes you've gotta go through the valley to make it to the mountain! So instead of quickly pushing someone's pain aside, let them know that it'll be "OK" and that even after the rain the sun will shine again.....unless you live in England....