Monday's 180, no more praying for Tuesday | Personal Post | Virginia Wedding Photographer | Sarah Houston Photography

I was having one of "those" Mondays, you know the kind where you hate getting out of bed and wished it were Tuesday instead.  I work a full time job during the week and juggle wedding photography on my weekends as well as taking care of my now-five-year old daughter Natalie. It's no easy task y'all...and when Monday rolls around I'm already praying for Tuesday. Isn't that awful? wishing and praying away my Mondays because I'm just not in "the mood" for it? Then my email notification popped up, One from Amy + Jordan Demos and the other from Mary Marantz. Photographer's I look up to in the industry, so instead of filing them into my normal folders I clicked on their intriguing titles, not realizing they used their super power of telekinesis to KNOW the situation I was in. Amy + Jordan wrote about how they had a full time job & how they were at the point of hating stop. Did they like read my mind?! I read the whole blog and though "HOLY SMOKES!!" like I love them y'all but now I love them even more because of THIS: "...So, this week, today, right now, whatever you do during the day, whether you're in a job you love  or a job you hate, whether you're CEO of your home or the CEO of a corporation, GIVE YOUR BEST TO THE PEOPLE AROUND YOU AND THE ONES WHO FUND YOUR LIFE. Okay Amy + Jordan touché, touché....guess I'll take that two weeks notice I just wrote out of anger and rip it up. They nailed it. My full time job pay's the bills as best as it can right now...and though I'd love to go full time in the wedding industry I know that God hasn't called me to just yet. So until then I need to be thankful for the job God has blessed me with. 

Then Mary's email...whew it floored me-on top of being done with my full time job I was pretty down and out, doubting and questioning myself constantly but then Mary wrote:  ".... you have come so much farther than you're giving yourself credit for. And you have a habit of being way too hard on yourself. You don't even realize the light that you are for other people. And you might not ever know just how many hearts you've already helped stitch up. I would tell you that a new Spring is coming. I would tell you to breathe in the crisp March air. I would tell you to shake off your own version of winter and the season of hiding you've been living in. Because the world might just be waiting for you to bloom.And when you do, yours are the colors that are going to set the world on fire."  I literally could see Mary sitting in front of me at my desk telling me WHOLE Monday was spun around so quickly. Complete 180 because these creatives spoke to me....Lord knows they aren't mind readers, they don't know me from a hill of beans, but they took the time to write a blog post that changed ME. I pray that it has changed someone else too + I pray that one day I can write a blog post that changes someone's Monday-or someone's life.  So even though Monday's are not all that great...I'm going to stop wishing and praying for Tuesday and be thankful for the Monday that God has granted me.