The Ugly Cry | Personal Post | Virginia Wedding Photographer | Sarah Houston Photography

I ugly cried.

you know the sobbing, make up running, snotty nose...crying.

Now your thinking...oh my gosh what happened?! Did her cat die? Did something terrible happen?! No.....I didn't place in the shoot and share contest.

image.jpg's THAT ridiculous. Even saying it aloud I'm thinking to myself "seriously Sarah!?" I made it to the top 6% out of 110,000 photos. Why can't I just be thankful God allowed me to make it that far?? Then I started to feel guilty...I started to think-if I am this crushed how does all the others who didn't make it either feel? I have a support system and even though my confidence isn't the best, I still have a little! But what about those who don't have any of that? How crushed are they?!

I was being SO SILLY. That contest doesn't define me! I still have wonderful brides who love me & my work! They don't care if I made Shoot & Share!! I need to love my work & myself as much as they love me & my portraits.

Im SO happy for my friends who made it, they are all so incredibly talented and they deserve to feel honored.

& as for us-the ones who didn't quite finish the race, it's OK!!! Don't let it deflate you or define you as an artist! YOU & I....WE are still AWESOME! Because we had the courage to even put our work out there...yeah we didn't quite make it but there's always next year! & don't be scared to try again, because if at first you don't succeed-try, try again.


I think your pretty Ah-Mazing ,so go forth and be fabulous ......................because ugly crying should be left to Kim Kardashian.