Why is wedding photography so expensive?! | Va Wedding Photographer | Sarah Houston Photography


I know that every wedding can't be like the spread in Southern Bride magazine. In fact a lot of my brides are the D.I.Y brides and they come up with really gorgeous decorations themselves! I love those brides...the ones who are humble, real and worked so hard to create their beautiful day. I relate to them because I was once a bride...I put my own wedding together in a day. Yes-a day. I didn't have the HUGE wedding in the Ritz with a Lazaro gown, I got married in a white lace sundress by American Eagle in the backyard of an officiant's farm that I picked off a list at our local courthouse! Maybe that's why I love wedding photography SO much-seeing my brides create these gorgeous weddings-their own weddings that reflect their style-and being a part of something that special....I love every moment of it. You don't have to have a million-dollar wedding but one thing I will stress is the Photography. I know, I know..."she's just saying that because she's a photographer". No. I'm saying this as a bride who didn't have ANY professional wedding portraits. Lord knows I love my sister (who is probably reading this right now) but she's not a wedding photographer...and her point and shoot...well it really didn't create the best memories. NONE of those pictures hang on our wall, I don't even have a clue where the "Album" is. It's sad...I didn't really "dream" of getting married since I was five, but still when you DO get married you want it to be nice & to be able to hang the pictures on the wall. It's expensive though....with the costs of the venue, the catering, etc. it all adds up. Then you inquire about wedding photography and your left sticker shocked. Wait...how much?? why the heck is it SO EXPENSIVE?! well....think about this: That pretty camera I carry-it's a workhorse and I love it, granted it's just a camera...but it was pretty expensive for that professional full frame camera.  Those lenses I carry? they may look like they don't cost much...but I saved years for the ones I have. Your portraits? I edit ALL those images I deliver to you-start to finish-all me, on top of taking care of my five year old & working a full time job {the full time job helps pay the insurance and the bills} I work full time during the week-not because I'm not a professional photographer, or that I'm not "serious"...it's because personally we have debt. Editing takes  A LOT of my time, I'm pulling late nights just to make sure I deliver on time to my brides as promised. Traveling...I need to pay for the wear and tear on my vehicle going to all the weddings I cover, some not local-which I love because it's a change of scenery! Insurance for my gear....I just switched to a new company to cover all of my equipment & boy was I shocked at the annual cost I now have to cover, but thankfully once I'm signed up I can rest knowing my stuff is safe! TAXES, oh boy....paying those taxes as a sole proprietor makes you wanna cry. I put a lot back into my business so when tax time rolls around the return isn't past the double digits, which is OK because I love my couples so so much! So when you see that $3200 price-tag and think I've gone off my rocker....I haven't. I pray you'd realize and know that I am worth that, that I will devote all my time to you and make sure your wedding day is remembered exactly how you wanted it. That not only am I a photographer but I am a Mom, a Wife, a Daughter and my time is valuable to me & to my family too. I love each and every #SHBride like she were my best friend and I treat every single one of them like they are family. & they are to me. So when you're planning your wedding and looking for a wedding photographer, but you are taken aback by the cost...think about these things that are involved. We work so hard to ensure you are happy and that you have beautiful images to hang on your walls, to cherish and to pass down. Remember: You don't have to spend a fortune on the "stuff" but don't chimp on the memories, they last forever.