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Weddings are super fast-paced days. They are a whirlwind of a thousand memories all crunched in an 8 hour day...So when I give timeline suggestions it's really to help my brides realize that time truly is of the essence + that when their day comes-time will FLY by so quickly! 

Let me be realistic...I'd love to say that I'll have all the time in the world to get every single shot of every single family member you have. In all reality....unless they are lined up ready to go...I would adhere to immediate family portraits only.

Those pinterest shots you've pinned and have to have. I love pinterest I really do...but those pictures on pinterest are another artists work. They also shot those under totally different circumstances....I don't mind doing some posing that may reflect something you liked, I just want you to book me for...ME! My style is unique and lovely (I think) and I pray that my couples trust my posing. 

Don't think I'm crazy. OK so this is a pretty loaded sentence I know....but when I ask you to do something that seems a little awkward like....stretch your neck higher, or come stand in front of this random window in the hallway....or even...Hold this chicken. I'm not doing it to make you look's to create something beautiful I know you'll love!

When in doubt, ask me!  If you have a question or concern please please address it with me! I promise I am super laid back and I want YOU to be ok!! If you don't understand something on the timeline or wonder if we can add something, I AM HERE to answer anything, anytime.

Weddings are about LOVE and making those lasting memories of becoming Mr. + Mrs.  It's one day-One day of celebration, enjoying time with friends and family all in one place & uniting two lives as one. That's both exciting and honoring for me. I take my weddings seriously...I love each of my couples like they are family because well...they are! So I strive to give the best experience possible!

& for all the brides...Think about your photographer. We work reeeeeally hard to ensure your day is covered and that you are happy. It's a looooong 8hr work day carrying around our camera's that are a bit heavy, so when those brides take that extra step for us by making sure we have some water or just saying how thankful they are to have us there....well that just makes the job even sweeter!

Weddings are so fun and I love every moment of them, Being a part of so many "Happily-ever-after's" is quite the honor! The above references are just suggestions or helpful tips, I love what I do and I love each and every one of you, so I hope this helps!!