The question of "why" | Personal Post | Va Wedding Photographer | Sarah Houston Photography

I've been asked a lot lately "Why do you shoot weddings?" as most of you know I use to be Faeth Photography and I did a wide array of photographic services for many years....but then Engagements, Weddings & Bridals became more than just "photographic services" they became something I love and want to do allllll the time. I found myself wanting to shoot weddings when I was shooting senior portraits....not that I don't love my families or's just not the same "spark" for me. So when photographer's ask-"how did you know weddings were what you wanted to shoot"- I didn't know right away...I'll even admit my first "real" wedding coverage scared me to death, it was intimidating because I wanted it to be perfect & beautiful because I really didn't want to let the bride down.  By my fourth I took FOUR times to know and really make that leap. So this year I did it...I picked my path and I am so so glad I did. I have so many amazing #SHBrides this year {my legacy #faethbrides are still THE best!} & each one of them are so unique, so creative and so lovely in their own way. 

Weddings aren't for everyone. I get that. Lord knows I am terrified of newborns so those who are full time newborn photographers-you.are.amazing. To me babies smell fear-like clowns....or lions. I "dabbled" in the newborn world for a few sessions and I look back on those and think...I really have the most amazing clients for loving me enough to do those portraits. It's not everyone's calling either...but you'll definitely know if it's yours-because you'll get that "spark" & no I don't mean when they pee on you.

Weddings for me aren't "work" they are these magical moments I get to be a part of and tell a story & not just any story! It's Stefani + Tony's or Valorie + Ari's love story. It's those private moments between them before the hustle and bustle, when he see's her for the first time and you hear him *gasp*, it's that look in his eyes when he glances at her. It's the way she laughs with her eyes dancing at some silly joke that only "they know". It's THOSE moments, those fleeting memories...I get to savor those, I get to capture and freeze them forever. THAT'S the spark for me. 

So whether you are a senior photographer, a newborn photographer or a family photographer...YOU chose to do what you felt was right, those are YOUR "sparks". Whatever spark you feel-own it, love it and give it everything you have. When you love what you do...your clients will know <3